Concept & Design

Concept & Design

Today, Hotel Carlota assembles architecture, interior design and communication, presenting an urban, casual language. A language that speaks of a contemporary Mexico, an expressive and dynamic Mexico with ideas of recovering and urban archaeology; Hotel Carlota digs walls and discovers vestiges of a vibrant neighborhood that is ready to be re-invented. Read more about our Mexico City hotel concept.

From an architectural perspective headed by the renowned firm of Javier Sanchez, this project follows a line of urban archaeology. Recovering a space in decadence in one of the neighborhoods with greatest cultural activity in the city makes Hotel Carlota an oasis to enjoy the metropolitan landscapes of Mexico City.

The hotel’s design is the result of a project which mission was not only to renovate, but to achieve cohesion between past and present. Details like the concrete finishing touches throughout the structure, the conservation of some original elements and the general distribution of the hotel where places like the Library and the Shop/Gallery seem to rub out the barriers that divide them, making Hotel Carlota a unique and special project.

CADENA + ASOC. CONCEPT DESIGN® headed by Ignacio Cadena was in charge of generating a unique concept of experience. Blending architecture, interior design and communication, it proposes an urban language, casual, that talks about a contemporary Mexico, expressive and dynamic. Carefully studying its immediate context and understanding the wonderful character of an emblematic neighborhood as it is the Cuauhtemoc neighborhood, the Hotel Carlota speaks about ideas of recovering and urban archaeology, digs walls and discover vestiges of a vibrant area that is ready to be re-invented.

Steps away from the emblematic Reforma Avenue, the Hotel Carlota pays homage to its past and projects to the future as a respectful concept of its surrounding, filled with contrasts, warmth, design, history and tradition that translates into spaces, objects, aromas and unique flavors.

The concept of interiorismo was created and designed by Ignacio Cadena and Jorge Madahuar in collaboration with the firm of Javier Sanchez.

The public and private spaces tie ideas of a neighborhood and a cosmopolitan city. Industrial, technological and artisanal processes blend to build the fresh and inclusive perception of a new hotel genre in Mexico City.

The new luxury of the “Carlota” talks about a laid-back hotel that has been carefully planned and designed, from a honest selection of materials, unique objects like the sinks inspired in the ones found in the laundry patios of a “vecindad”, to the perfectly executed pieces of furniture in the guestrooms that boast works in concrete and carpentry.

An intimate type of hotel that has been custom made, where recovered objects, artistic manifestations and exclusively designed pieces are discovered detail to detail, giving the Carlota an unrepeatable character. Extroverted gestures of plastic artists remind us of street expressions and talk about a brave hotel concept that stays away from ideas of exclusivity to become a new urban node that approaches to the neighborhood and its inhabitants, seeking to build ties and connections between visitors and neighbors.

The collection created by La Metropolitana and that is named after this grand hotel is composed by 10 pieces and variations of woods, which reflect the conductive thread of this series: the sophistication of the silhouette. Recovering old manufacturing techniques and cut processes controlled by computer result in almost artisanal finishes that reveal the bases of Carlota: “A search for recovering the old essence, to bring it to the present and preserve it in the future”.